Qlockwork 30 Day Trial Version

Try Qlockwork for 30 days, at no cost or obligation. Download and installation are simple, and only take a few minutes.


  • Qlockwork requires:
    • Outlook 2003 or Outlook XP, or (beta-level support) Outlook 2007
    • Windows XP or Windows 2000.
    • For Windows Vista please follow the additional instructions for how to install.
  • This evaluation copy expires 30 days after first use. After this time, no further PC activity will be tracked (although you will still be able to access existing data).
  • The trial version is made available under this License Agreement.

Download 30 day trial version (1.9 MB).

If you encounter any difficulties, please visit the forum pages or drop us an email.

At any time, you can upgrade your trial version to a full version. Simply enter a license key, which you can get from our store by purchasing a copy of Qlockwork.

You can download a factsheet describing the features of Qlockwork in Microsoft Word or PDF formats.

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